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Every 26 seconds, a child decides to drop out of school. That's more than 1.2 million students each year. Eight out of 10 students who drop out end up in prison. These staggering facts opened the door for the "Stay in School" Campaign—a media blitz designed by o2ideas, Inc. that consists of outdoor boards, posters, print ads, PSAs, radio spots and T-shirts.

Stay in School Campaign PSAs (30 seconds)

Thanks to the Alabama Department of Education, Alabama Department of Corrections and The Mattie C. Stewart Foundation's (MCSF) partnership, students across the state of Alabama will gain a true understanding of why staying in school is so important. The campaign will run from July through October 2012 in various capacities around the state of Alabama. The goal of the campaign is to influence students to graduate from high school and move on to a two or four year degree. If you would like more information about the Stay in School Campaign, please click here to contact us.

Stay in School Campaign PSAs (15 seconds)

Radio Spot #1 - The Story of Michael

Radio Spot #2 - Real Prisoners

Poster and Print

Stay in School Poster and Print Ad

Outdoor Board

Stay in School Outdoor Board

T-Shirt 1

Stay in School T-Shirt Design #1

T-Shirt 2

Stay in School T-Shirt Design #2

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